What We Believe


Vision Statement

St John’s members to be proactive with their many skills and talents, to manifest their spiritual gifts, and become witnesses for Gods work.

The organizations (choir, youth, etc.) within the St John Church to be a part of an outreach ministry, that will enable them to go out and educate, encourage, and bring people to Christ through their testimonies of God’s greatness.

St John’s building restored and upgraded to occupy educational facilities, officers accommodations, recreation facilities, and a place where people can come and worship God in comfort.

St John being a recognized and involved Ministry in the city of Carrollton and surrounding Dallas area.


Mission Statement

St John Baptist Church mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, throughout the city of Carrollton, and surrounding communities.

Our vehicle of spreading the gospel is through. The gospel is through, the preached word, bible study, and various ministries.

Through these methods we will reach the sin sick soul, wounded in Christ, misdirected youth, and encourage our brothers and sisters.